Privacy Screens

Rules and Regulations Guide

  1. ALL privacy screening MUST be approved by the ARC (Architectural Review Committee) PRIOR TO installation.

  2.  Landscape is allowed.

  3. Privacy screening MAY NOT be installed if the property borders the golf course.

  4. "Florida screen" can be used in lanai and pool cage frames. You cannot see through it.

  5. Pools must be enclosed by law either by fence or pool cage. The fence may only enclose the pool, not the entire yard. The fence must be approved by the ARC.

  6. Privacy screens must be PVC or similar polymer and MUST NOT be visible from the street. Side yard screening or fences and wood structures are prohibited.

  7. Trash cans and/or air conditioner equipment may be screened. It cannot be taller than 4 feet and must be PVC or polymer and must be approved by the ARC.

  8. Homes in the Doral unit may install fences but MUST obtain ARC approval BEFORE installing.

  9. Statutory regulations can be accessed for more information. The corresponding state statute is 720.3035