Due to storm damage and many people still without power, we will be postponing our October 11, 2022 meeting.Your patient and understanding is much appreciated by your fellow HOA members and Anchor Associate staff who are still recovering from Ian. If you have any questions please send an email through the website.

The Board of Directors are looking for volunteers to be on the Hearing Committee. Members who are not on the Board or related to a members on the Board  can volunteer.  For more information please look under Article XXII Remedies in your documents.

If you are interested please contact Michelle at Anchor.

Resident's Maintenance Check List
Collier County
Lely Community Public Utilities Renewal Project

(Please visit their website for questions and Updates)
Collier County Ordinance Awareness

Helpful hints on how to detect fraudulent E-mails




Below are a few sites that  offer a list of events and information about the  Events.





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Collier County Watering Schedule

ODD Numbered Addresses
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from midnight to 10 A.M. and/or 4 P.M. to midnight

EVEN Numbered Address / No Address
Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from midnight to 10 A.M. and/or 4 P.M. to midnight

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or any time on Fridays